15 Reasons We Love Working at Evention

As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we also celebrate our 2019 Chicago Best and Brightest Company to Work For nomination. This award from Best and Brightest Companies to Work For© recognizes employee satisfaction and workplace wellness.

Over the past 15 years, Evention celebrated significant successes. Milestones related to relationships, including employee, client, and partnerships, are amongst our proudest.

By creating a collaborative, engaging, and gratifying work environment over the past 15 years, our team of Eventioneers continues to form the future of the back office.

Here are the best aspects of working at Evention, straight from our Eventioneers!

1. Evention’s headquarters offer 360-degree views of Chicago – from Lake Michigan, to the Chicago River and Chicago cityscape.

2. Our clients and their trust in us.

3. The opportunity to innovate in the automation space alongside great teammates.

4. Gathering for team lunches to celebrate personal and professional milestones.

5. Overcoming the challenges that coincide with creating new back office automated solutions.

6. Opportunities to grow personally, professionally, and technically.

7. Option to work remotely and/or flexibly in order to maximize efficiency and meet needs.

8. Building and fostering relationships within the hospitality, retail, grocery, casino, restaurant, museum, and other industries.

9. Leveraging creativity to drive automated Cash Recycling & ReconciliationTip & Gratuity ManagementCredit Card Reconciliation, and Group Billing.

10. The convenience of a casual and comfortable office dress code.

11. Complimentary coffee and healthy snacks available daily.

12. Evention’s place as a pioneer in automation.

13. Access to a top-of-the-line fitness center and work-out classes.

14. Great company leadership that recognizes and celebrates employee milestones.

15. Evention’s world-wide footprint and Chicago roots.

Learn more about our Eventioneers and why they love working at Evention here.