Redefining How Gratuities Are Reconciled

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Evention has the solutions to allow you to take control of gratuities and tip distributions based on your business rules. No rules are too complex for our automated tip solution, and Evention offers complete reconciliation for restaurants. From POS to general ledger, our solutions create a complete ecosystem that eliminates errors and manual entries. With our Tip Out option, staff can have access to their earned monies in nearly real time. With Payment Direct, the tips can be entered onto a debit card for each employee, so they can have access to funds at the end of a shift. Everything ties seamlessly into your payroll and time and attention programs. 

Seamless Gratuity Reconciliation and Distribution for All Staff

Gratuity Accuracy and Compliance, Complete Visibility and Employee Satisfaction Made Easy.

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Improve Staff Retention and Satisfaction Scores

Solutions from Evention give you automated processing of all gratuities and integrate with all POS programs. We give you and your staff complete visibility into the entire shift’s collections. From there, allow your staff the ability to access funds they have earned faster than they could have thought possible. And since our Tips and Gratuities product integrates directly into your payroll, you can show higher compensation rates with tips factored in – promoting greater recruitment and retention of staff.

Automated Gratuity Solution for QSRs: Streamline and Increase Compensation

Evention, a leader in accounting process automation, has been creating cloud-based solutions for over 20 years. The Automated Gratuity Solution streamlines accepting and distributing gratuities directly to employees’ pay sheets, increasing their wages without affecting operating budgets. Integrating any POS and T/A systems ensures accuracy, compliance with tip regulations, and fair tip distribution. The solution saves time and increases productivity through automation, allowing for a more efficient workflow. With the Automated Gratuity Solution, each hourly employee’s salary can increase within 30 days, showing appreciation for outstanding work.

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Implement a solution that increases your employees take home pay 
without adding to your payroll costs