HITEC Tech Talks, Happy Birthdays, and All the Hype!

2004 marked Evention’s inaugural visit to Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition Conference (HITEC) – further connecting us with our cherished HFTP community.

The conference’s focus on technology in the hospitality space gave us the opportunity to network and to market our first product – Gratuity Management

Fifteen years after our first HITEC, as we wrap HITEC 2019 Minneapolis, our gratitude to the HITEC and HFTP communities, along with our client-base, product line, and business, has only grown. We attribute much of our success to the HITEC community’s unwavering support.

From a one product company, to a company that now showcases an extensive automated suite that includes Cash Recycling & ReconciliationGratuity ManagementCredit Card Reconciliation, and Group Billing, HITEC and HFTP remain steadfast Evention advocates.

This automated suite streamlines back office operations for 700+ luxury, upper upscale, and other hotel properties world-wide. From our implementations in North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Virgin Islands, HITEC continues to inspire Evention to streamline back office operations around the globe.

Evention gained and continues to gain much from HITEC’s entrepreneurial spirit. By successfully pioneering back office automation, the Evention Team collaborated with HFTP to grow into a global hospitality software company with hospitality clients worldwide.

HITEC consistently lends comradery and support to us – true hospitality characteristics.

y facilitating ongoing learning, the HITEC Tech Talks are examples of this comradery and support. 

“HFTP has been part of Evention from our very beginning and we enjoyed celebrating our 15th Anniversary at HITEC Minneapolis 2019 with all of our HFTP peers,” Evention Co-Founder and Managing partner, Mike Baldinger, said.

These very qualities continue to benefit our operation. They empower us to bolster back office operations for hotels worldwide.

Cheers to 15 years!