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Automated Reconciliation
with Intelligence

Evention solutions help your organization reduce errors, mitigate against fraud and ensure compliance within your organization. We are system agnostic and work with all POS and payroll systems. What makes our solutions powerful is that they integrate all your disparate systems into one closed ecosystem—giving you full visibility into your entire process and eliminating the need for manual entries or spreadsheet uploads.  

Efficiency, Accuracy, Timeliness, and Profitability

System Agnostic Software Across all Point-of-Sale Interfaces for Cash Management.

Smart Accounting Process Automation

Evention brings not only automation to your accounting processes, but we also bring intelligence. By integrating all of your diverse programs and giving you a single location to see the flow of all information, you get smarter information in a quicker manner. Our solutions even flag occurrences and try to offer solutions. Your accounting professionals, therefore, require less time for all reporting and information is available throughout the system much faster and with better accuracy.