Eventioneers Through 15 Years

Turning 15 calls for celebration… and reflection.

Our 15th Anniversary is a milestone in the future of back office operations. By leveraging automation, we’re streamlining cash handlingtip and gratuity managementcredit card reconciliation, and group billing.

Out team of Eventioneers is significant to our success in back office financial automation. To launch into our birthday blog series, we’re looking at our Eventioneers throughout the years!

For more than a decade, we’ve collaborated with luxury hotel properties around the world. Eventioneers pictured here at a recent Hilton event.

Over the years, we’ve welcomed various interns onto our team. Many of these interns became full-time Eventioneers within our client success, implementation, development, and sales divisions. Here we are at a lunch celebrating some of these interns.

Each year we celebrate our team’s successes with a summer outing. In 2017, we decided to celebrate by riding in a beer barrel!

Our founders, their families, and some of the first Eventioneers pictured here in Evention’s early days.

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to visit the floor of the NYSE. 

In Fall 2018, a workplace football rivalry led to a fun tailgate – perhaps the start of a new tradition!