15 Ways Evention Automation Streamlines the Back Office

Evention’s Automated Solution Suite includes automated Cash Recycling & Reconciliation, automated Tip & Gratuity Management, automated Credit Card Reconciliation, and automated Group Billing.

These automated solutions streamline the back office for the retail, hospitality, grocery, convenience store, museum, travel center, and other industries!

Here are 15 ways how:

1. Cash Recycling & Reconciliation creates comprehensive cash management by pairing SecureDrop POS reconciliation with robotics.

2. Tip & Gratuity Management eliminates error-prone spreadsheets in banquet settings.

3. By employing courier management, Cash Recycling & Reconciliation centralizes change order management.

4. Credit Card Reconciliation reconciles processor data to posting in the POS and PMS.

5. Group Billing reconciles scheduled deposits with received payments.

6. Cash Recycling & Reconciliation incorporates courier management. The function facilitates same-day credit and provisional credit transmission.

7. Evention’s automation solution suite modernizes cash management, tip and gratuity management, credit card reconciliation, and group billing.

8. Tip & Gratuity Management pairs with any POS or retail system to capture comprehensive data.

9. Credit Card Reconciliation allows for easy visibility to charge variances.

10. Group Billing automates group concessions including rebates, sales commissions, complimentary rooms, cancellations, and attrition.

11. Cash Recycling & Reconciliation leverages cloud-based reconciliation to automate cash receipt journals.

12. Tip & Gratuity Management facilitates retroactive adjustments and reconciliations.

13. Credit Card Reconciliation verifies audit receivables from final settlement payments in bank account.

14. Group Billing centralizes group contract components from initial sale through final invoice.

15. Tip & Gratuity Management includes a Self-Service Tips Out option that allocates automatically from any device.