Pioneering Automation Calls for Celebration: Cheers to 15 Years!

When we launched Evention in 2004, we took our place as a pioneer in back office automation.

Our first solution, Tip & Gratuity Management, stemmed from Hyatt Regency Chicago’s need to streamline their manual gratuity process.

This particular property’s product implementation inspired us to dream up more products. It eventually led to the development of our automated Cash Recycling & Reconciliation solution.

This solution provides total cash control by integrating cash recycling robotics and SecureDrop software. By alleviating the error and inefficiency associated with cash counting and circulation, it is the ultimate answer to the cashless controversy.

Fifteen years later, we are still pioneering with our recent release of two new products – Group Billing by Evention and Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention.

On Friday, we formally celebrated 15 years of reinventing the back office with automation.  Local, Chicago-based clients, partners, and friends joined us for a birthday party complete with cake, cookies, and conversation

We’re proud of this 15-year milestone in automation innovation. And we’re grateful for the support and teamwork that got us here.

Big thanks to our clients, partners, and friends that contributed to this achievement in automation.

So, here’s to more innovation in automation. Cheers to 15 years!