We’re Not Fitting into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re Forming It.

Each industrial revolution comes with change paralleled by progress.

The steam engine brought the First Industrial Revolution. Steel, oil, and electricity fueled the Second. The Internet shaped the Third. And, marked by automation, robotics, and the like, we’re forming the Fourth.

By combining robotic-based cash recycling and cloud-based reconciliation, Evention brings automation to the back office. This cash recycling and reconciliation combination creates Evention’s automated Cash Operations Management solution. The solution allows retailers to shift their human capital to focus on front-facing customer services and interactions.

Cash Operations Management transforms cash through automation to make it manageable in a digital world. The automation simplifies cash management by electronically tracking every dollar. It minimizes cash shrinkage, error, and other costly inefficiencies.

15 years ago, we pioneered automation alongside the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our first solution, Tip & Gratuity Management, revolutionized hospitality’s back office environment. 

The solution redefined gratuity payroll tracking by replacing manual spreadsheets with robust automation.

Evention’s Tip & Gratuity Management streamlines tip and gratuity distribution. It eliminates error-prone manual 

processes and facilitates employee trust relative to accurate gratuity payroll. This creates top-tier banquet management.

The solution’s self-service tip out component facilitates IRS compliance. It automates tip allocation from any connected device. 

Despite its tech emphasis, the Fourth Industrial Revolution optimizes the human workforce.

Through simply shifting the human work not compromising it, Evention’s solutions create job opportunities.

By automating the back office, these solutions offer more occasions to leverage the human workforce in the front office and work directly with customers.

This is a competitive advantage for retail, hospitality, restaurants, and other industries. Consumer sentiment calls for human interaction. In fact, employee/customer conversation generates $1 trillion in commerce.

This type of interaction is particularly true when customers are making a major or complicated investment.

Modernizing the back office is an asset that aligns with consumer preference. Working alongside the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Evention’s automated solution suite provides the human workforce with a competitive tool set to grow company clientele.