How Reliance on Back Office Automation is Creating a Retail Revolution

Traditionally, retail roles are fraught with mundane tasks. In particular, manual cash counting.

Hand counting cash is prone to error, inefficient, and robs retailers of valuable time with customers.

For retailers, automation can enhance back office operations by eliminating tasks that take away value – manual cash counting for example.

After all, when a customer makes the decision to shop in a store instead of online, they are likely seeking a more immersive experience. An immersive retail experience is marked by human attention.

Leveraging back office automation shifts a store’s valuable human assets to successfully meet a consumer need. It facilitates direct customer support.

Evention’s Cash Operations Management provides powerful cloud-based tools. By merging cash recycling hardware with SecureDrop software, retailers can more effectively respond to consumer needs.

The Cash Operations Management solution digitizes cash and automates reconciliation. It provides a detailed report of the cash journey – from start of shift to bank deposit.

This cloud-based tracking eliminates manual cash counting, reconciliation, and depositing. As such, it eliminates the errors and inefficiencies connected to such practices.

Cash Operations Management also creates centralized changed order management. It facilitates same-day reporting and provisional credit transmission to bank account via ACH.

Marked by so many benefits, back office automation is the retail industry’s modern day cash management.