Want to Create More Customer-Facing Experiences? Move the Manual to Make Way For Automation.

To compete in an online and sharing economy, brick and mortar businesses must continue to lean on enhancing that which the digital marketplace simply cannot – human interaction. This focus on face-to-face customer service is a competitive advantage.

In fact, despite the obvious convenience offered by the digital marketplace, research shows that consumers prefer to interact with humans for help.

To enhance front office operations and incorporate more face-to-face customer service, inefficient manual processes must be eliminated. This strategy adds value by optimizing limited resources.

Yielding time and error, manual back office processes consume valuable time. Ultimately, this time and error creates unnecessary expenses.

Moving from manual to make way for automation-based back office processes improves front office operations.

This is true within various verticals. Retail, grocery, hospitality, convenience store, museum – really any industry experiences front office benefits from bolstering back office operations with automation.

Aspects like cloud-based reconciliation, cash recycling robotics, automatic tip and gratuity distribution, self-service tip out, pre-populated contract concessions for billing a group, and settlement verification all decrease back office time and error. By doing so, they facilitate face time in the front office.

Back office automation meets a popular consumer preference because it creates opportunities for direct human interaction.

Evention’s Automated Solution Suite integrates these aspects and others across four different products: Cash Operations ManagementTip & Gratuity DistributionCredit Card Reconciliation by Evention, and Group Billing by Evention.

Cash Operations Management relies on cash recycling, cloud-based reconciliation, and courier management to streamline cash handling.

In any industry, manually managing cash is cumbersome and costly. It’s prone to error and inefficiency. It’s also prone to internal and external theft.

Overall, it’s revenue reducing.

Cash Operations Management’s integrated robotics, biometrics, and extensive reporting collectively track cash from start of shift through bank deposit. As a result, these three functions collaborate to combat theft.

By digitizing cash with Cash Operations Management, retailers, theatres, hotels, museums, and others can more cost effectively and safely manage cash in less time.

Tip and Gratuity Management makes tip and gratuity allocation easy. Banquets, outlets, and restaurants benefit from automated distribution.

Auto-calculation and auto-allocation adds accuracy and IRS compliance to manual tip and gratuity management.

The solution’s self-service tip out function lets banquets, outlets, and restaurants facilitate tip outs from any connected device.

Credit Card Reconciliation consolidates scattered data to provide total reconciliation from point of sale (POS) through variance research. It provides completely customizable detail visibility.

Overall, the solution results in total settlement verification, revenue transmission validation, and audit receivable authentication.

Group Billing by Evention rounds out Evention’s automated solution suite. The solution consolidates all areas of group contract. Areas include contract obligations, forecast-based planning, and accounting of actualized services.

By condensing these areas, Group Billing by Evention removes the chaos traditionally associated with billing a group.

It reconciles pending payments with recognized payments. It regulates customer credit with consolidated evaluation and trackable allocations to programs. It pre-populates contract concessions to reduce attrition.

By automating the back office, retailers, hotels, convenience stores, museums, and more enhance their front office operations. And by strengthening these back office and front office operations, they optimize their customer service opportunities.