The Back Office (& the Workplace) Reinvented

The following script is from Evention’s Automated Back Office Briefings Podcast, Episode 1: The Back Office (& the Workplace) Reinvented. Automated Back Office Briefings explores the digital reinvention of the back office through the lens of Eventioneers, clients, and industry experts.

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Episode 1 – The Back Office (& the Workplace) Reinvented

HOST: Hello and welcome to Evention’s inaugural Automated Back Office Briefings podcast. I’m Claire Kenney and, in collaboration with my fellow Eventioneers, I look forward to hosting this podcast series during which we will look at all things digital, robotic, and cloud-based through the lens of the financial back office.

As we launch into the series with this first episode, I’m happy to announce that Evention was recently named one of Chicago’s 2020 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For. I had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony…. (talk a little bit about experience here). Our Eventioneers collaborate and innovate to reinvent the back office by leveraging automation, but we’ve also worked together to reinvent the workplace.

From regular company outings ranging from river cruises to an afternoon at the race track and ongoing talent development opportunities, including our team book club and Lunch and Learn initiative, Eventioneers are reimagining office life to ultimately enhance our efforts to bring the very best in automation to retail, hospitality, groceries, museums, universities, and other spaces.

As we’ve sheltered-in-place over the last few months, reinventing the back office remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve continued this tradition of fostering a one-of-a-kind workplace by taking as many of these workplace wellness opportunities as possible virtually.

One way we’ve done this is via virtual team workouts. Leading that effort is Evention Group Billing Manager, Marie Davis who has joined me on this podcast.

Welcome, Marie!

MARIE: Thank you!

HOST: Thank you for leading these virtual team workouts! Can you talk about what inspired you to organize these?

MARIE: Shares thoughts

HOST: And you’ve led classes that are both cardio-based and strength-based, correct?

MARIE: Yes – both yoga and tabata.

HOST: And I understand that this is an opportunity that some of our clients and friends have also take advantage of?

MARIE: Absolutely. Many of our clients have joined us and we welcome all of our clients to take part in this workplace health and wellness initiative. They can reach out to me at for more information.

HOST: Thanks, Marie! And thanks for leading these classes!

MARIE: Of course!

HOST: And to close out our podcast today, we have our Eventioneer of the MonthDaniel Clarkson, Senior Client Success Manager at Evention. Thanks, Daniel for joining us for this inaugural podcast episode.

DANIEL: Hi, Claire! Of course.

HOST: Can you share with us a little bit about your role at Evention and maybe a fun fact about how you spend your time outside the office?

DANIEL: Response

HOST: What do you like best about working at Evention?

DANIEL: Response

HOST: How do you spend your time when you are not in the office?

DANIEL: Response

HOST: Fun Fact?

DANIEL: Response

HOST: Well thank you for joining us today, Daniel.

DANIEL: Sure, Claire!

HOST: And thank you all for tuning in. Look for more automated back office briefings covering everything from automated group billing to cash recycling and reconciliation.