Creative Work at Evention

In honor of National Intern Day, Evention’s Marketing Communications Intern, Madeline Kenney, crafted her thoughts on her creative work. From developing video content that details automated accounting’s advantages to promotional advertising, the Evention Team thanks Madeline for her endeavors this summer.

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Through my internship at Evention, I gained greater knowledge, perspective, and passion for business. In particular, the software as a service (SaaS) sector and its impact on retail and hospitality accounting.

From my first day at Evention, I felt the company’s distinct support and mentorship. This team-oriented environment allowed me to collaborate with various departments to ultimately create content that communicated how automation streamlines accounting operations for hotels and retailers globally.

I participated in social media strategy sessions, developed infographics to introduce Evention’s new team members, and contributed to the company’s monthly newsletters. These monthly newsletters highlight enhancements to Evention’s current automated solutions, detail webinar opportunities, and more.

After Best and Brightest nominated Evention as one of Chicago’s 2021 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®, I wrote a press release about the award. The press release detailed Evention’s one-of-a-kind culture and pioneering work in automation.

Madeline Kenney, Evention Marketing Communications Intern

The skills I honed at Evention will be invaluable to my future. I am so grateful for my internship opportunity at Evention!