Evention Selected Best Tech Work Culture Finalist in Timmy Awards Tech in Motion: Announces Top Local Companies to Work at in Tech

Chicago (November 19, 2020) – Tech in Motion named Evention LLC a 2020 finalist for Best Tech Work Culture in the 6th annual Timmy Awards, which recognizes great workplaces for tech professionals. For Evention and all the finalists chosen, it’s about far more than perks when it comes to a rewarding team environment; it’s about a shared mission, meaningful recognition and promoting innovation, learning, and technical creativity.

A pioneer in accounting automation, for 15+ years, Evention has reinvented back office operations for hotels and retailers world-wide while continuing to reinvent the workplace. From team lunches celebrating life’s milestone’s such as birthdays and engagements to ongoing learning opportunities that focus on personal and professional growth, Evention leadership has always emphasized the importance of forming a team-oriented internal culture.

“Since our founding, we have relied on Theory Y, a management style that promotes individual initiatives and open discussion while discouraging group think,” Evention Co-founder and Managing Partner Mike Baldinger said.

A company that has long promoted work-life balance through flex hours and remote work opportunities, when COVID-19 required more remote work, Evention integrated it’s traditional and even some new team-building opportunities virtually. In Spring 2020, The Wall Street Journal podcast, Tech News Briefinghighlighted how Evention virtually integrates wellness in the workplace

Next month, the company will host a virtual holiday cocktail-making event and in March 2020 launched virtual weekly happy hours. Opportunities for fitness were continued through online strength and cardio classes led by one of Evention’s team members otherwise known as Eventioneers. Evention also has a virtual running/walking club managed on Strava to promote healthy connections outside of work.

Beyond fitness, Evention has a book club and a Party Planning Committee dedicated to facilitating creative gatherings virtually and safely in-person. The company also hosts a bi-annual offsite retreat to foster team collaboration and new ideas and initiatives.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my co-founders and I believed it was very important to carry our emphasis on integrating fun with hard work into a digital environment,” Baldinger explained. “As a result, our team has been better able to remain connected and focused. When the growth of our operation called for several new hires during the pandemic, this was particularly important as we continue to focus on innovation for the future.”

When evaluating nominations, Tech in Motion considers internal company culture.

“We’ve honored tech companies that go above and beyond to inspire innovation and create outstanding work environments for the past five years,” says Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion. “In a year marked by unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, we are thrilled to acknowledge many of the companies striving to continue bettering the lives and culture of their tech teams.”

In addition to Best Tech Work Culture, in 2020, Tech in Motion added two new awards, Tech for Good and Top Enterprise Employers, to highlight companies creating opportunities and providing employment when the tech community needs it most. As in years past, the other categories include, Best Tech Manager, Best Tech Startup, and Best Tech Workplace for Diversity. The complete list of 2020 Timmy Awards regional finalists can be found here.

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About Evention LLC

Evention LLC, based in Chicago, IL, is a leading software company reinventing  processes for wide-ranging industries, including hospitality, retail, grocery, museum, and more. The company’s automated solution suite extends to gratuity payroll, cash management, group billing, and credit card reconciliation. By replacing legacy manual processes with modern automation, Evention streamlines operations for back offices globally.