Wall Street Journal Highlights Evention’s Remote Work Strategy

In a recent article about effective work-from-home strategies, The Wall Street Journal highlighted Evention’s approach to remote work.

Principled by innovation, collaboration, and balance, these traditional workplace fundamentals allowed Evention to effectively transition to an increased remote environment.

Prior to the pandemic, Evention afforded our Eventioneers opportunities to work from home as needed. This promoted work/life balance. As a result, the team quickly adapted to full-time remote work in Spring 2020.

This experience bolstered Evention’s outlook on how to remain collaborative and engaged.

As a company that believes access to outlets facilitates the very best innovation for creating accounting automation, we wanted to continue to offer benefits like fitness, lunch and learns, and company outings.

In the article, WSJ reporter Alex Janin, writes about Evention’s virtual holiday party and the importance of continuing to socialize with colleagues despite an increasingly virtual work environment:

Your employer may also offer some activities or ideas to help you take a break and simultaneously bond with your co-workers. These can be a good opportunity to enjoy the social aspects of the workplace you are missing out on.

Claire Kenney, a marketing communications manager at Evention LLC, a software company focused on automation and the reinvention of office processes, says her company has helped employees with work-life balance through virtual happy hours, book clubs and “lunch and learn” events. “This month, we plan to host a virtual ugly-sweater-themed holiday party, during which a local bartender will teach our team how to mix different holiday cocktails,” she said.

To read the full article, click here.

This spring, Wall Street Journal PodcastTech News Briefing, also highlighted Evention’s remote approach workplace wellness. In the episode, Eventioneer, Claire Kenney, mentioned our weekly virtual team happy hours and fitness routines. Today, with some team members still working remotely, we continue to offer these fun team events.