15 Ways Evention Influences the Workplace

Amidst celebrating our 15th anniversary, we received recognition as a 2019 Chicago Best and Brightest Company to Work For®.

We’re proud of this nomination. It’s telling of our efforts to cultivate a happy and healthy work environment.

Entrepreneurship is in our roots. A pioneer in back office financial automation, we’re also re-imagining the workplace.

After 15 years in business, here’s how Evention continues to make a difference in workplace wellness.

1. We Cultivate True Collaboration

2. We Incorporate Team-Based Merit Initiatives

3. We Offer Complimentary Access to Fitness Classes, Health Courses, and General Gym Admission

4. We Organize Monthly Team Trainings

5. We Provide Healthy Snacks and Coffee Daily

6. We Invest in Fun – from Team Outings to Lounge Games, Lunches, and Laughs!

7. We Celebrate Personal and Professional Accomplishments

8. We Discuss and Gather Opinions

9. We Optimize by Offering Work-From-Home Opportunities and Flexible Hours

10. We Accommodate to Meet Individual and Team Needs

11. We Evaluate and Re-evaluate to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Marketplace

12. We Retreat

13. We Encourage by Empowering Through Leadership Opportunities

14. We Manage Risk to Generate Personal and Professional Growth

15. We Pitch and Produce Ideas

Reinventing the workplace equips us to reinvent the back office for retail, hospitality, grocery, casino, and other verticals.

We’re honored to celebrate 15 years of workplace wellness.