The Automation of Everything

In today’s highly digital environment, automation is quickly becoming more and more mainstream – making everything from bars to the back office more productive. It’s present in a variety of industries and actively changing business as we know it.

At the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas, robotic bartenders whip up drinks for the party-goers. The machine mixologists create cocktails per orders entered into tablets atop tables.

And talk about time savings and increased efficiency, the Tipsy Robot averages 50-60 drinks per hour.

Hospitals are also leveraging automation. IVEY is a robot who sits bedside to soothe children’s anxiety about a given medical procedure. The robot serves as a distraction during the appointment.

The retail and grocery industries are active automation adopters as well. Grocery giant, Kroger, is leaning on automation, particularly in a warehouse capacity and in their driverless delivery strategy.

The financial services industry is no exception to the automation embrace. Neither are hospitalityrestaurants, or manufacturing.

A common theme within hospitality and retail is the automation of cash management.  Today’s technologies place the days of counting cash and manually reconciling in the rearview.  Leading hotels, grocers, airports, restaurants, and retailers have leveraged robotic cash recyclers integrated with cloud-based cash reconciliation to reinvent cash management.

Evention is a leader in automated cash management, including cash recycling and SecureDrop cash reconciliation.

Beyond cash management, Evention extends is automation capabilities to create a seamless financial back office for a variety of industries, including retail, grocery, hotels, and casinos.

Evention’s automated solutions eliminate the traditional manual processes associated with gratuity managementgroup billing, and credit card reconciliation through web-based applications.

Evention’s forming the future of industry with our automated back office solutions. We are proud to provide unique automation to solve real-world problems for retail, hospitality, and grocery.