4 New Industries in 4 Months

Along with innovation, Evention embraces expansion.

We’re expanding our team to meet growing needs. We’re expanding our solutions to include credit card reconciliation and group billing. And we’re expanding our market segments to meet the needs of different industries… four new market segments in just four short months.

Traditionally, we’ve served the grocery, hospitality, retail, restaurant, and casino industries. We look forward to continuing to lead in these markets and simultaneously diversify.

Over the course of four months, we entered the movie theatre market, the museum market, the convenience store market, and the airport market.

Evention is growing and innovating with auto solutions.

This spring, we wrapped a project at an airport in New Mexico where we implemented robotic cash recyclingand cloud-based SecureDrop cash reconciliation in the airport’s restaurant outlets. The outlets now benefit from automated cash management that streamlines till check-outs, till-check-ins, duebacks, and the POS reconciliation of all cash transactions.

In May, a large museum in Chicago contracted with us to automate their cash processes for its ticket counters. We began the planning and preparation process immediately and look forward to implementing our Cash Recycling & Reconciliation solution in the museum this month.

(Also notable and not long after, we gained a second museum market client!)

In June, we provided multiple convenience stores across the country with their first ever cash recycling automation that dispenses/accepts both notes and coins.  We are thrilled to see how centralized web-based reporting coupled with complete note and coin recycling will change cash management for “c-stores.”

In July, we introduced our Tip & Gratuity Management solution into a large, luxury brand movie theatre. The solution automates gratuity allocations and calculations for the theatre – processing data from all sources systems.

We look forward to continuing to expand the list of industries we serve. Our solutions meet problems common across multiple markets.