2019 – The Year of Automation

As we head into a new year, it’s full speed ahead for automation. In fact, many predict that automation will play a big role in further shaping several industries this year – including hospitality and retail.

One of the ideas rolled into this prediction is the advantage automation will bring to the back office.

In November, a report from Forrester stated the following:

“In 2019, Forrester predicts that automation will become the tip of the digital transformation spear, impacting everything from infrastructure to customers to business models.”

By minimizing mundane tasks, automation will improve business. It will thereby continue to add value to client-facing tasks. 

McKinsey refers to the rise of robotics and automation as the fourth industrial revolution. Some say that 2019 is the start of a full-on launch into this revolution

We’re proud to be an early pioneer in automation. But, we’re even prouder to be using our innovation in automation for good by bringing mutual benefits to consumers and corporations alike. Our cloud-based SecureDrop automated cash reconciliation software combined with cash recycling robotics are making consumer cash payment preference possible. And for those who prefer digital payments, Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention caters to their interest.

So, cheers to 2019… and cheers to automation!