Reinventing Automated Accounting Operations Across the Globe: Evention’s Global Perspective

World-wide, retail and hospitality operations continue to evolve to enhance competitiveness.

As a core function of any business, accounting operations must modernize and create new efficiencies to meet demands. Streamlined accounting practices are a universal value-add.

This approach to accounting allows retailers and hotels to eliminate manual accounting practices by standardizing, centralizing, and automating accounting tasks. It allows completing required accounting tasks with fewer resources and in a more timely manner.

Ultimately, these efficiencies reduce cost and optimize resources.

Globally, this streamlined approach to accounting can:

1) Improve customer credit visibility

2) Eliminate manual cash counting and manual cash management

3) Automatically reconcile cash and credit card transactions against the POS system

4) Auto-allocate and auto-distribute tips and gratuity payroll

5) Condense all areas of group billing including credit management, deposit schedules, contracts, and invoices

6) Reduce cash touch points

7) Facilitate settlement verification

For over 15 years,  Evention has pioneered automation. It’s reinvented accounting operations by replacing the error and inefficiencies marked by manual accounting with centralization, cloud-based reconciliation, and robotics.

Hotels and retailers around the world leverage Evention’s automated solution to modernize their back office. From Chicago to Mumbai and London to Shanghai, Evention elevates accounting operations with full-integration, digital robotics, and centralization.

Around the world, Evention oversees thousands of automated accounting implementations. These solutions include automated Cash Recycling & Reconciliationautomated Tips & Gratuitiesautomated Credit Card Reconciliation, and automated Group Billing.

Both domestically and internationally, Evention advances businesses by modernizing and automating their accounting operations.