Heres Why We Love the HFTP Annual Convention

Each year, the Evention team travels to the Hospitality Finance Tech Professionals (HFTP) Annual Convention. In fact, we’ve been a participant for an entire decade. It’s a tradition that we always look forward to.

So, what makes the HFTP Annual Convention one of our favorites?

Evention at 2018 HFTP Annual Convention

At the convention, we have the opportunity to share time with long-lasting clients and friends (and connect with new ones of course!). The convention’s tight-knit nature creates a community – one that we are proud to be a part of.

“The convention works hard to create an ‘intimate’ feel that makes it easy to catch up with fellow HFTP community members – exhibitors, clients, partners, and attendees alike,” Evention Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mike Baldinger said.

As part of the HFTP community, Evention shares a common interest with other HFTP community members in bolstering hotels’ capabilities.

Our solutions are unique to us.

Yet, together our HFTP peer products and services meet the multi-faceted needs of hospitality – a complex and ornate industry. Through the HFTP community, we have built long-lasting partnerships with other hospitality vendors to deliver new capabilities for all of our clients.

This year we showcased our complete automated solution suite, including our two new solutions – Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention and Group Billing by Evention.

Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention offers completely customizable detail visibility. Unlike traditional credit card reconciliation, Credit Card Reconciliation by Evention consolidates scattered data from multiple systems to provide total reconciliation from point of sale (POS) through variance research.

Group Billing by Evention streamlines each aspect of group contract. This includes contract specifications, forecast-based planning, and accounting of actualized services.

Other Evention products promoted at the 2018 HFTP Annual Convention include our automated Cash Recycling & Reconciliation and Tip & Gratuity Management solutions.

While at the convention this year, Christopher Contos, HFTP Chicago President and Evention Account Manager, had the opportunity to participate in the HFTP Young Professionals and the HFTP Leadership group sessions.

“HFTP’s Young Professionals (YP) Council offers a unique opportunity for rising hospitality leaders to partake in an exciting community within our industry,” Chris said. “Across the YP council, members represent a diverse background of hospitality experiences that enrich the value for younger HFTP members.”

HFTP also fosters unmatched mentoring.

“Mentoring positions are available with our council to ensure professionals, students, and young professionals are intertwined with a dialogue that promotes growth in our industry,” Chris commented.

Evention gained so much from the 2018 HFTP Annual Convention. We are already looking forward to next year’s convention in Orlando!