Eco-Friendly Cash Management

Evention Presents Eco-Friendly Cash Management with a globe, cash, and cash recycling machine in a recycling wheel

Managing cash with automation and robotics facilitates environmentally-friendly cash management.

Evention’s digitization of cash management significantly reduces back office paper. It also decreases courier visits. This allows accounting teams across multiple industries – hospitality, retail, grocery, etc. – to embrace eco-friendly cash management practices.

In particular, cash management driven by automation and robotics:

• Fully eliminates cash logs – 100%

• Reduces cash envelopes by eliminating one per employee per day. For example, a hotel staff totaling 30 cashiers uses 30 less cash envelopes per day, 900 less cash envelopes in an average month, and 10,950 less cash envelopes per year.

• Makes paper report printing / archiving unnecessary with total web-based reporting and archiving.

• In an audit scenario, houses all source documents and final reconciliations electronically. This means paper back-up material and documentation no longer needs to be stored and archived and is no longer required all-together. 

• Eliminates bank audit and house audit forms.

• Requires less cash pickups by cash couriers / banks. This reduces the carbon-related pickups stemming from the transportation of cash. By leveraging automated cash management, a typical hotel can decrease their CIT pickups from 5 days per week to just 1 day per week.