Why Are Quick Service Restaurants Embracing Digital Tipping?

America is increasingly going cashless. Seven years ago, the number of cashless U.S. adults represented just a quarter of those polled by the Pew Research Center. Today, that number stands at 40%. Consumers have cleared out the bills from their pockets and moved to plastic or the increasingly popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Venmo, necessitating change in the way businesses handle payment. Many employers have already begun processes to adapt to the changing ways people pay at the counter, and we’ve all seen it. Options to tap your phone at checkout in place of swiping a card and selecting a tip before signing on the pad are everywhere nowadays, but what about those transactions that occur away from the counter?

Porters, housekeepers, valets, baristas, and more are all professionals who handle some transactions without a cash register. In the old days, you would slip a few bucks to the bellhop after they set down your luggage or place your change into the tip jar – all options increasingly getting phased out by the rise of e-payments.

Evention’s InstaTip solution recognizes the need to adapt in a time of change by providing an alternative to the old ways of tipping. Below are three ways InstaTip can help you keep current with consumer trends.

1. Easy and Personal

With InstaTip, patrons are given a QR unique to the person assisting them which will direct them to a page to tip – no need for them to install an app. Tipping on InstaTip is possible across multiple payment options, so they can choose the method that is best for them. Patrons can also review the service that they received and note positive experiences they had or any issues they may have run into with their service. This places performance ratings in a quick and easy manner in front of people at the time of the tip, giving a quick and easy way to collect feedback.

2. It Pays More Without the Wait

Two out of every five people that walk through your door today are not going to have cash on hand, and only about one in ten will be using cash as their default payment method. No matter how diligent your employees are at providing service, they won’t receive the compensation and recognition they deserve if you’re relying on cash-only tipping. InstaTip meets people where their money is to give them the option to tip using the payment methods that they have evolved to use in their day to day.

Also, there’s no waiting until pay day. Tipping transactions that occur on the pad at the register can delay the compensation process, forcing employees to wait until their paycheck to get their tips. That doesn’t happen with InstaTip because tips get sent directly to the digital pockets of workers the moment they’re made.

3.Customizable and Modern

Those who have received services at places such as a coat check or coffee bar can probably visualize the tip jar with its handwritten label tacked on with Scotch tape with a few bills at the bottom. Imagine if you could take this service industry mainstay and make it reflect your brand. Instead of “Tips” scrawled in Sharpie, your InstaTip “jar” can reflect the look of your company both in the physical and digital QR codes scanned by patrons and the landing page they’re taken to on their phones.

Evention can take the logo and branding of your company to design an InstaTip experience that is best for your company. It can adapt to individual or pooled tipping to give a modern alternative to the fading tradition of cash transactions, creating a win-win for both your patrons and your employees.

Contact Evention today for an InstaTip demo to see how our solution can help you.