The Role of Technology in Las Vegas Union Contract Negotiations

Union contract negotiations for roughly 40,000 housekeepers, bartenders, cooks, and food servers at some of the largest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are unfolding. These discussions have garnered the attention of industry professionals and underscore the immense importance of effective labor management during times of change. 

The union UNITE HERE has been engaged in talks with resorts since April and represents over 60,000 workers across Nevada. However, the recent authorization vote for a potential strike on September 26th  emphasized the pressing need for a resolution. As tensions escalated, official picketing commenced on Thursday, October 12th. Among the many demands in these negotiations, some are intricately tied to technology’s role in the industry.  

Understanding worker demands.  

The demands put forth by the unions are multifaceted, reflecting the complex challenges faced by hospitality workers. These demands include wage increases, a reduction in steep housekeeping quotas, and improved safety. A few of the demands in negotiation circle around technology such as embracing cashless tipping to increase associate wages and stronger protections against new technology that may threaten jobs such as smart tenders and self-service kiosks. These negotiations are particularly crucial as they navigate the complex intersection of labor and technology. 

“The companies have an opportunity to do the right thing and step up and get a contract done, but if not, there could be a strike any time after that,”

Ted Pappageorge, secretary-treasurer for the culinary union in an interview with Reuters.

Notably, one proposal in the union’s agenda focuses on cashless gratuities to help increase tips for valet and housekeeping associates, aligning with the industry’s ongoing shift toward cashless transactions and enhanced convenience and transparency in gratuity handling. 

By adopting cashless tipping solutions, hotels and resorts enhance the security of tips for their associates, align with modern consumer preferences and address the challenge of associates missing out on gratuities in an increasingly cashless world, aligning with modern consumer preferences.  

The ongoing labor negotiations in Las Vegas represent the evolving nature of the hospitality industry and the changing expectations of workers.  

Technology empowers financial well-being, employee retention and recruitment, compliance management in the hospitality sector, and can be an answer to these proposals. Solutions such as Evention’s InstaTip simplify implementation, offering complete gratuity management and detailed reporting without overburdening managers. It functions as more than just a digital tip acceptance method but also accounting software allowing properties to seamlessly integrate cashless tips with existing operations. 

As hotels and resorts work through these negotiations, it’s essential to recognize the importance of harnessing technology to streamline operations while upholding their commitment to their workforce. These innovations should not only serve guests but also benefit the dedicated individuals who keep them coming back. Prioritizing workers has a profound ripple effect that can shape the industry’s success in the years ahead. 

At Evention LLC, we stand ready to support the industry by providing innovative solutions that address the evolving landscape of labor and technology. With offerings like InstaTip and Tips+Gratuities, hotels can empower their associates to secure higher tips while ensuring a seamless and error-free gratuity management process. Let’s view this moment as a collective journey, where the industry evolves and adapts, finding solutions that benefit both workers and businesses. Stay tuned for more insights and discussions from Evention LLC, your partner in hospitality technology solutions. 

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