Optimizing Back Office Automation

The following script is from Evention’s Automated Back Office Briefings PodcastEpisode 4: Optimizing Back Office Automation.

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Episode 4 – Optimizing Back Office Automation

HOST: Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of Automated Back Office Briefings. I’m your host, Claire Kenney, and today we are going to talk about slating your company for success by taking advantage of client success services.

To explore this further, I invited Evention Client Success Manager, Lindsay Turner, on to talk about an initiative her division launched that helps hospitality, restaurant, grocery, and other verticals leverage Evention automation to its fullest, particularly amidst the ebbs and flows brought on by COVID-19.

Thanks for being here today, Lindsay.

LINDSAY: Thanks for having me.

HOST: Over the course of the last 4-5 months, your team launched a proactive webinar initiative. Can you talk to us a little bit about that and why you decided to launch this initiative amidst shelter-in-place?

LINDSAY: Yes, so when the government mandated shelter-in-place, my team began brainstorming ways to best help our clients whose work life was altered by COVID-19. Many of our clients are in the service or hospitality industry so we wanted to help them use their time proactively during this mandate that limited the extent to which these industries could operate at a normal pace. As a result, we doubled our complimentary webinar offerings, which offer a comprehensive view of our tip and gratuity and our cash recycling and reconciliation automation.

HOST: And, so, that really gave clients an opportunity to use their time wisely and really slate there operation to run smoothly at an even higher pace coming out of shelter-in-place. Plus, it continues to set these clients up for success as industry continues to emerge into a new normal.

LINDSAY: Correct.

HOST: It really is an overall value add. Even when you think about it from a 2021 economic boom perspective – giving clients a competitive advantage in what is slated to be a competitive, high-demanding 2021 economy. And right now you plan to continue this initiative through the fall, correct?

LINDSAY: Correct. We’ve always offered two complimentary webinars each month so we’ll definitely continue to do that even after October, but increasing our offer to four a month right now gives our clients more flexibility and more access to our team during this time.

HOST: So, if any of our clients listening to this podcast are interested in learning more about webinar offerings they can contact you directly, correct?

LINDSAY: Correct you can contact me at lindsay.turner@eventionllc.com.

HOST: And your department’s contact information is also listed on our main pagewww.eventionllc.com.


HOST: Thanks, Lindsay for coming on the show!

LINDSAY: Thanks, Claire.

HOST: And to close out our podcast today, we have our Eventioneer of the Month, Julia Braude, Sales Operations Coordinator at Evention. Thanks for being here, Julia.

JULIA: Of course.

HOST: What do you like best about working at Evention?

JULIA: I really like the people and having the opportunity to share new ideas.

HOST: How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

JULIA: I spend my time with family and friends. I enjoy working out, spending time outdoors, and binge watching.

HOST: How about a fun fact?

JULIA: I’ve been paragliding in the Swiss Alps.

HOST: Thank you for joining us today. And thank you all for tuning in. Be sure to follow Automated Back Office Briefings to stay up-to-date on the latest in back office automation. Leave us a review or 5-star rating on your favorite listening platform.