Hospitality Technology Service Standards: Insights from the HFTP Conference

Industry leaders and experts came together to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the hospitality sector at the 2023 Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Convention. This year, a significant focus of the conference defined the latest service standards for hospitality and finance technology. One of the main service standards discussed at this year’s conference was around-the-clock robust software as a service (SaaS) or guest engagement tools, and ensuring they work seamlessly with existing systems and processes. Automated guest experience enhancements, open architecture for interoperability, and scalable technology were redefined as necessities, rather than mere preferences, to ensure that new tech services can deliver tangible benefits. 

Dive into the insights gathered at the HFTP Conference, shedding light on what these service standards entail and providing guidance on how to identify vendors that align with them. 

Automated Guest Experience Enhancements: There’s nothing like the warm welcome and hospitality only human touch can provide, but guests have come to expect a level of efficiency that automation can help support.  

Innovative solutions such as digital tipping, mobile app check-in, and seamless guest messaging improve existing processes and provide a win-win scenario for guests and associates alike. InstaTip, for example, has allowed guests to tip from any location at their convenience and increased associate pay by up to $4 more an hour by doubling the number of guests tipping. The focus is squarely on providing guests with streamlined, automated experiences that cater to their preferences and save valuable time. 

Open Architecture for Interoperability: Modern service standards underscore the importance of SaaS solutions with open architecture. This flexibility is essential to ensure that a property’s systems can integrate with one another within an open and compatible framework. Integration with existing platforms enables granular reporting into the property, department, or individual stay, providing property owners and on-site managers cleaner insights into opportunities for improvement. 

Most hoteliers I speak with agree that the vendor community is poor at working together to remove friction and pain points faced by hotels and their guests.

Doug Rice, industry leader in hospitality technology in an article for Hospitality Upgrade

To overcome these challenges, properties should prioritize partners who emphasize seamless connections between systems. This approach helps avoid issues like messy payment processing, difficult commission payments management, and inconsistencies in metrics, which can be particularly challenging for multi-brand owners. 

Scalable Technology: A seamless flow between systems is an essential component of ensuring that different departments and properties under the same brand, management, or ownership align. Scalable technology is crucial for this purpose.  

Solutions that compile your companywide data from internal and external sources are one way to help you scale masterfully without having to reinvent the wheel when a new use case is discovered.

Daniel Fallman CEO of Mindbreeze in a Forbes article

Fallman also emphasizes the importance of ease of use for successful technology rollouts and the value of investing in data-based solutions to provide companies with the consistency they seek. Scalable solutions have the capacity to cover multiple use cases without adding complications and serve as tools to reduce stress for associates and enhance productivity across properties. For example, a data-based solution like Tips+Gratuities can be deployed to help restaurant and outlet managers calculate and distribute associate earned gratuities and service charges.  Once implemented it can assist with gathering information on guest tipping practices, developing insights on associate performance in relation to spend, and may also be impactful in generating insights for marketing and sales teams to close future sales. The very same information extraction techniques may also be relevant for a finance team to mine pertinent details from contracts and invoices. Scalable solutions will cover multiple use cases without adding complications, allowing them to serve as a tool to reduce stress for associates and enhance productivity across properties.  

The insights gathered at the 2023 HFTP Conference reveal a clear path for the future of the hospitality industry. The evolving service standards bridge the gap between human touch and digital efficiency, ensuring guests receive the best of both worlds. By embracing automated guest experience enhancements, SaaS with open architecture, and scalable technology, the hospitality industry can continue to provide the exceptional service that today’s travelers and patrons expect and deserve. One thing is certain, the industry is poised to provide guests with personalized, streamlined, and secure experiences that meet modern expectations. 

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