Evention LLC and Celayix Partner to Optimize Payroll Management in the Hospitality Industry 

Chicago IL, October 26, 2023 – Evention LLC and Celayix, two leading companies specializing in workforce management and accounting automation solutions, have entered a strategic partnership aimed at solving longstanding challenges in payroll management within the hospitality industry. This collaboration is poised to redefine the way the industry streamlines gratuity management, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy in payroll processing while shortening billing cycles, all facilitated by Microsoft Azure’s robust cloud platform. 

The hospitality industry has long grappled with errors stemming from manual data entry, disjointed systems, and complex payroll processes, resulting in inefficiencies. By seamlessly integrating Celayix’s scheduling solutions with Evention’s Tips+Gratuities software, clients can now benefit from a holistic associate gratuity management lifecycle. 

“By combining Celayix schedules with Evention’s gratuity calculation and distribution automation, we provide our clients with a complete flow from scheduling to paycheck distribution,”
“Celayix provides an incredible workforce management solution, and it made perfect sense to create direct integration, resulting in even more value for our customers.” 

Erik Nejman, Evention co-founder and managing partner

“For Celayix, integrating Evention’s hospitality expertise and gratuity software solution into our product enables a complete schedule-to-payroll solution that has not been available within the industry,”

Gurmit Dhaliwal, former Celayix vice president of partner and OEM sales

The collaboration leverages Microsoft Azure to create bridging web services that ensure seamless communication and integration, eliminating any concerns about additional IT setup requirements. 

“Evention has built its infrastructure on Azure and uses the flexibility of the platform to bring its solution together with Celayix, creating reliability, enhanced security, and the ability to scale to meet customers’ continuously evolving needs.”

Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure

About Evention 

Evention is the unrivaled leader in financial reconciliation and gratuity management software solutions and automation for the hospitality industry. Our cutting-edge solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for industry leaders, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and many more. With efficiency and accuracy, Evention streamlines operations, enhancing employee satisfaction, and driving the bottom line. 

About Celayix

Celayix has been delivering tailored-to-fit employee scheduling software and time & attendance solutions. They have been developing their shift-scheduling and time & attendance software for over 20 years making life easier for organizations through simple scheduling, automation, and accurate time-tracking. 

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