Combating Internal Theft Through Comprehensive Cash Management

Cash can be complicated – especially given its connection to significant internal theft opportunity. In fact, just a few years ago, Forbes reported that internal theft was a bigger issue than external theft in the retail space.

So when background checks and personal accountability fail, how do we prevent internal theft?

Back office automation offers a no-fail option. Through essentially digitizing cash, this cloud-based alternative is error-free.

By syncing cash recycling with SecureDrop software, employee accountability increases and so does management’s insight.

The pairing creates comprehensive cash management. So, this 360 degree approach improves transparency.

Evention’s complete cash control combats internal theft and promotes productivity.

Because cash recycling incorporates biometrics, it increases employee accountability by essentially linking a “bank” to an employee. And by integrating a safe into the recycler, the hardware adds an extra layer of protection.

At start of shift, employees remove their individual banks via biometrics. Throughout the shift, employees replenish their banks and refill their tills – no help needed!

At the end of shift, employees simply return extra cash to the machine via biometric login.

The SecureDrop software allows managers to view a detailed report outlining cash inflows and outflows divided by employee. By automating a daily cash journal, SecureDrop lets management efficiently and effectively analyze cash management.

Comprehensive cash control provides a single solution for a variety of industries. Industries range from retail to restaurant to hospitality to grocery.

One solution pairing. So much money saved – literally.