Being Back at HITEC

After a long 2020, hospitality is back. So, are conferences.

The 2021 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition Conference (HITEC) celebrated both of these milestones – bringing hospitality finance professionals back together for the conference.

As a multi-year participant in this conference, including last year’s cyber conference, Evention values our relationship with conference host, Hospitality Finance Technical Professionals (HFTP). We’re grateful for the friendships and partnerships made possible by HFTP.

From our early days of pioneering automated accounting to our continued innovation within the space today, HFTP remains an integral part to our success.

“We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with HFTP at HITEC for nearly 20 years,” Director of Business Development, Andrew Pomeranke said. “Each year at HITEC, Evention connects with our hospitality finance friends from around the world and fosters new friendships. The event continues to inspire our innovation within the automated accounting space.”

Chris Contos, a member of the Evention Business Development Team, also serves as the HFTP Chicago Chapter President. As such, he regularly witnesses HFTP’s impact on Evention.

“Within HFTP, we regularly discuss and learn about trends within hospitality,” Contos said. “Integrating automation with accounting – including cash counting and reconciliation, gratuity payroll, credit card reconciliation, and group billing – is a high-performing trend within hospitality finance.”

As we continue to grow our made possible by HFTP, the Evention Team looks forward to attending HITEC Orlando in 2022.