3 New Evention Products Debut at HITEC

3 New Evention Products Debut at HITEC

A nearly 20-year Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition Conference (HITEC) exhibitor, Evention returned to HITEC this year to debut new automated accounting solutions.

Solutions include:

Total Recon
Payment Direct

Total Recon’s cloud-based automation reconciles all payment methods – cash, credit card, rewards, mobile payment, and trial balance. Complete integration facilitates full payment reconciliation.

The solution flags variances automatically. It ensures IRS compliance and eliminates manual spreadsheet entry.

Payment Direct reinvents on-demand earnings, including tips, service charges, and gratuities. Through direct earning disbursement to hotel staff’s debit or pre-paid cards, servers, bartenders, bellmen, valet, spa, and other hotel staff receive their tips same-day.

An extension of Evention’s Tips & Gratuities application, Payment Direct pays out in real-time – even in complex tip-pool environments.

Also a Tips & Gratuities extension, InstaTip empowers guests to tip hotel staff without cash. Guests simply scan a unique QR code to tip via mobile wallet or card payment.

InstaTip’s direct integration to payroll automatically calculates and distributes tips.

If you missed us at HITEC, you can contact us here to learn more about these solutions.